5 Advantages of Social Media Marketing That Your Brand Needs

advantages of social media marketing

In today’s ecommerce world it’s important to realize that just having a website just doesn’t cut it. Today, you need a way to connect quickly and publicly with customers and social media can do just that. This is just a simple example of advantages of social media marketing and if you have a business those advantages can drive your brand beyond your competitors. Here’s how to establish yourself on social media and get the advantages of social media marketing today.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing and How They Affect Your Brand

Although these aren’t in any specific order, each one can help your brand. Some brands will benefit more than others simply because of the niche they are in. Connecting with customers may be much better for a digital sales platform whereas a restaurant wouldn’t benefit as much. How much your business or brand is helped by social media will have a lot to do with the niche that you are in.

1. Social Media Helps You Build Brand Recognition

Have you ever seen an ad that just displays a product? Chances are the marketing behind that ad is because they are attempting to build brand recognition. The same way you can pick out popular logos from a page. Here’s one that uses brand recognition that you’re sure to know if you watch sports on television:

social media marketing cow billboard

2. Reach New Customers and Clients

Social media can really help you connect with new customers. By using social media marketing you can post your message for the world to see. This message can easily get shared a few times and reach hundreds or even thousands of customers quickly. There can even be a snowball effect and the post can go viral. If so, it could snowball quickly.

3. Boosts Your Website’s SEO

Many people don’t consider social media links as much help for SEO because they are typically no-follow. While others say that no-follow links are still good for SEO. Either side of the fence you’re on, I think both can agree that social signals are being counted by Google. At the very least it can help you get your page or site indexed faster. It could also help to combat a negative SEO attack against your site.

4. Social Media is Great for Customer Service

Recently I had a problem with one of the mega stores in my area. So I took to Twitter and blasted a rant of 140 characters. It was only a few minutes before I got a message from one of their managers offering to help with the problem. The issue was worked out and I was happy. This fast paced customer service on places like Twitter and Facebook can really help your brand. For one, it offers help for a problem in public that many people could have. Instead of having thousands of support tickets, they just look at the Facebook post. The second is the customer gets help without jumping through lots of hoops. They get the help they want quickly. This can help to deter them from going to a competitor as well.

5. Social Media Marketing is Cost Effective

Posting on your social media account is much, much cheaper than renting a road side billboard or a spot on radio. In fact, you can even do the updates yourself and really save some cash. It’s important to have a social media strategy if you plan on doing this yourself.



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