EasyLinks Review and Bonus

EasyLinks Review and Bonus

In this EasyLinks review I’ll go over what makes this product so great and give more details about what the product can do. EasyLinks is a link management and promotion tool that can be used anywhere that allows a link to your site including social media sites, blog posts, editorial links, and more…

EasyLinks Review Details and Overview

Product Name: EasyLinks
Official HomePage: http://easylinks.ninja
Type of Product: SaaS (Software as a Service)
Author: Karthik Ramani, Chad Nicely
Launch Date: July 18th, 2016 @9AM EST
Price Before Discount: $47 (Limted Time EasyLinks Discount Available Here)
Bonus: Exclusive EasyLinks Bonus Offered (Click Here to Get EasyLinks Bonus)

A Quick EasyLinks Overview

Creating links has always been one of the top priorities of online marketers. In fact, in today’s world of search engine marketing if you don’t have command of your links, chances are you’re not going to make any sort of impact. There has never really been a good way of controlling links, especially evergreen links, until now. EasyLinks can help you manage your links like never before. You can also create links with ease. In fact, in less than 10 seconds. Here’s how to start and the main screen of the system.

EasyLinks Review Dashboard

Once you’re at the dashboard you can create what EasyLinks calls a Link Bank. In that Link Bank you can store your links and view metrics and statistics of those links at any time during the campaign.

Link Bank for EasyLinks

Now just imagine that you can create a link in less than 10 seconds and then be able to manipulate that link later. Redirecting the link to a new offer or page is as easy as a few clicks with the software. In fact, changing the destination is one of the best features of the software and you can do this from directly inside the dashboard without going to sites where the link is active.

Here are some of the features of EasyLinks that I wanted to share in this EasyLinks review:

  • Automatic Retargeting
  • Action Pixels
  • Track Conversions
  • Set Launch and Expiration of Links
  • Set up Holding Pages
  • Track Affiliate Link Campaigns
  • Page Thumbnails for Easy Viewing
  • Save Campaigns

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So Should You Buy EasyLinks?

Tracking traffic and conversions is key to making any sort of money online. You can have lots of traffic and no conversions, or no traffic and you won’t make much money. Being able to harness the power of your links you can get a much better understanding of traffic and conversions and that is where EasyLinks shines. When you get traffic from a link pointed at a page that doesn’t convert you may need to totally change the link structure in order to send traffic to a different offer or page. This usually meant going to where the link is present and changing it or asking the site owner to change it. However, if you had EasyLinks software controlling the link you could send visitors anywhere you like.

Imagine finding links from 10 years ago and controlling them through the software. Adding links only takes 10 seconds or less and you can control the links indefinately. You can also set up retargeting pixels and track conversions and more with the software. So, for my EasyLinks review, I think anyone who builds links can certainly find this software useful and worth it!

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Get IMSanity Exclusive EasyLinks Bonus

Our bonus package contains many different online marketing and digital marketing courses, tips, and advice. You can view the full EasyLinks bonus package here and get details on getting this bonus. You can get the exclusive EasyLinks bonus by purchasing from the following this link or by clicking on any of the download now buttons on this page.

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