Eezygram Review : Instagram Content Creator and Scheduling System

Eezygram review from IMSanity
Eezygram : All in One Instagram Graphic Suite
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The Eezygram product is designed to make posting and managing an Instagram account easy. With powerful features and included image library and templates it certainly does this well.
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One of the most popular social media platforms that marketers are using today is Instagram. It’s very powerful and visual approach to social media. Unfortunately, it requires access by a mobile device and there was no good alternative to use it on the computer. That is until now. The Eezygram program is designed to help you get the most from your Instagram account. I’ll look more into how this product can help with a full Eezygram review below.

Eezygram Review : Instagram Content Creator and Scheduling System

Most marketers know that the Instagram platform is really powerful but it takes great images and content to really make the most of the platform. Eezygram is designed to make marketing tasks on Instagram really easy and time saving. And if you have multiple accounts on Instagram as most marketers do, you’ll quickly realize just how much time this software can save you. If you’re ready to get into Instagram marketing and do so in a way that’s super easy then the Eezygram program is for you.

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Eezygram Review : Just What is This Product?

The Eezygram program is a web based software also known as a software as a service (SaaS). It is designed to help make posting to the social platform Instagram much easier. Since the software is cloud based it works on any computer with internet access and a browser. So Windows and Apple computers are included and work flawlessly on this platform.

The Eezygram software is designed to be a desktop software that can help you manage your Instagram account. Plus, you can have multiple accounts in the system. The software allows you to easily create images to be used on Instagram and helps post them. It also includes a scheduling feature so you can load up posts for the entire week if you like.

But one of the most powerful features of the software is the ability to quickly create photos to post. Adding watermarks, text, logos, or anything is really easy and done completely from the Eezygram interface. It helps you create, manage, and publish all to your Instagram account(s) with ease and just a few clicks. In fact, in less than a minute you can create and post a professional image without the need to download it from anywhere or open an image editing program. It can all be handled through the program interface.

Eezygram Review : Pros of This Software

  • Eezygram is cloud based so it works on almost any computer including Windows and Apple computers
  • Eezygram includes a massive library of vectors and high definition images that you can use
  • Eezygram includes “done for you” templates that can help you create more professional looking image posts
  • Eezygram includes stock images from places like Pixabay and Unsplash
  • Eezygram includes over 700 Google fonts so you’ll get the font you like on the image you post.
  • Eezygram help systems includes videos that can help with learning the software
  • Eezygram can handle multiple accounts
  • Eezygram allows you to schedule posts for days in advance saving loads of time.

Eezygram Review : Cons of This Software

  • One of the biggest problems is the scheduling doesn’t allow time frames for months in advance
  • Would have liked to see images from higher quality image sites such as shutterstock or bigstockphoto.
  • Software is offered only for a limited time

Eezygram Overview

Eezygram Vendor: Agus Sakti (sold through JVZoo)
Product Name: Eezygram: All in One Instagram Graphic Suite
Launch Date and Time: 2017-Jul-30 @ 10:00
Initial Front-End Price: $27
Product Bonuses Offered:  YES, HUGE BONUS
Money Back Guarantee: Yes, 30 Day Guarantee (No questions asked)
Niche: Social Media, Instagram
Official Site:

Here’s What Can Eezygram Do For You?

Create professional images to post on your Instagram account. You can also have multiple accounts and schedule those posts to go out over a set time period.

You’ll be able to browse thousands of high definition images that you can use in your campaigns. Eezygram pulls images from a vast library included with the product. Images and vectors are also included from popular image sites such as Unsplash and Pixabay.

If you want to use your own images with Eezygram you can. Uploading your own images from local hard drive is possible plus you can upload your logo image or other watermark to place on the image.

You can add text on top of your image which makes a great call to action. The Eezygram program includes over 700 Google fonts so you’ll always have the font that looks great. And if you’re stuck on a design then take a look at some of the templates that are included for ideas on posts.

Once you’ve got the design and image you want you can post the image right away or schedule it to go out at a later date. You can basically set up a week’s worth of post in just a few minutes. Who says social media needs to take hours each day?



Most marketers have multiple websites and niches that they use. If you have more than one Instagram account you can add them all. Eezygram has the ability to handle multiple accounts and keep them separate from each other giving you a one stop solution for posting to Instagram.


Eezygram also works on smartphones so if you’re out and about you can still access the software and make a post on your mobile device.

Eezygram allows you to connect to your Instagram account, create an image, add your text and/or watermark, then post that image right away or some time in the future. This truly is one of the best products available for managing an Instagram account on a computer.

Eezygram Graphics Suite for Instagram

Conclusion of Eezygram Review

If you’re looking for a solution to manage Instagram accounts in a quick and easy way then Eezygram is one of the best products to do just that. The program is an all-in-one solution that allows you to create, manage, and schedule Instagram posts. And with the multiple account feature it’s a great product for marketing products as well. The time it saves is truly worth checking this product out. And if you’re not satisfied with Eezygram for any reason there is a full 30 day money back guarantee that is no questions asked.

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