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FlexSocial Review
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FlexSocial is a tool designed make posting to social media accounts much easier. Schedule and create posts to save loads of time on your social media marketing.
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Having an online business means and doing your own marketing means you’ll need to do take advantage of social media. Social media has become a huge traffic source for many sites and can boost a site and bring in new customers even if the SEO of the site isn’t up to par. In fact, good social media campaigns and social media marketing can bring in thousands of customers very quickly. Whereas, SEO efforts can take months to come to fruition.

The biggest problem with doing social media is that it can take ages to be successful and to do it correctly. You can hire social media managers who likely don’t know anything about your business other than the quick survey you likely filled out when you signed up. And chances are the cost of the service is well into the hundreds of dollars per month.

While some of these social media marketing services can certainly save you time and promote your business you’ll certainly pay for them. Most social media marketing services work on a monthly price for each account. So a social media manager that charges $300 per account means you’ll spend over $1200 per month for 4 accounts.

There is a better way to handle your social media than to spend that much money each and every month and it’s called FlexSocial. In this article I’ll go over exactly what FlexSocial is and how it can help you. I’ll also give you my unbiased FlexSocial review and even include some bonus material you may be interested in if you want to take your social media efforts to the next level.  

FlexSocial Review : Take Your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level

One of the biggest problems that business owners and managers face when it comes to social media marketing is that it can literally suck the hours out of the day. Attempting to make Facebook post means you’ve got to find an image, then edit the image to fit the post content. Then figure out something to post all the while taking precious minutes out the day. The entire event can take from just a few minutes to a half hour of more. Getting sidetracked and checking out your own timeline and you can have an entire hour wrapped up in a single Facebook post.

Wasting Time Posting on Social Media Can Rob Hours From Your Day

It may seem like a simple task but posting on social media can literally rob hours from your business. The example above was just for a Facebook post, imagine the time spent posting to other social networks as well including Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google Plus. Doing this work manually can easily take up an entire day especially if you’re posting more than once each day on each account, which, by the way, you should be especially on Twitter.

So What Exactly Can You Do About It?

I’m sure you’ve seen many social media marketing agencies that offers to take care of your social media campaigns for you. While some of these agencies can be great, some of them can be a total disaster. There are a few reasons why hiring a social media marketing agency is not such a good idea. I’ll go over a few of the below:

Social Media Marketing Agencies Don’t Know Your Business – One of the biggest problems with a social media marketing agency handling your social media accounts is that they aren’t you. Basically, they don’t possess the knowledge of your business that you do. Typically, during the initial signup for the social media marketing the business owner will fill out  a small questionnaire telling the agency about the business. Then the entire campaign is based on this small bit of information. Questions and status updates specifically designed to fit your business are likely never posted and you instead get generic, run of the mill posts that hardly get any likes or shares. Worst yet, people don’t seem to be visiting your website and it doesn’t generate any new leads for you. This is what most social media agencies fall into. To be short, no one is going to know your business like you do.

What if you ran a restaurant and added a new menu item. Having the social media account yourself you can announce it and promote it. You can also answer questions about it without have a middleman in between. If a customer asks if this new recipe is cooked in peanut oil or vegetable oil, chances are the chef knows that information but the social media marketing agency isn’t going to know that information and the user basically finds somewhere else to go.

Prices on Social Media Management Can Be Expensive – Good social media management is costly. Of course there are some cheap alternatives that are advertised online but don’t fall for them. Basically your accounts are just one of hundreds that get the same generic content that people have already seen and not geared towards your business at all. Good social media management means the posts are tailored specifically for your site and can offer commenting and reputation management as well. Chances are for a service like this however you’ll need to spend better than $1,000 per month. For a small business this can be a huge investment. That’s why FlexSocial is gaining so much popularity.

Be Your Own Social Media Marketing Agency

With so many problems with hiring a social media marketing agency and the cost involved it makes since for smaller businesses who are getting started on social media to do things themselves. That’s where FlexSocial comes in. FlexSocial is a tool that is designed to help save you loads of time when you’re doing social media on your own. FlexSocial is loaded with features that can help you update your social networks quickly and all contained in one single interface. I’ll go over more about FlexSocial below and give you more details on why I think it’s so great and rated it so high in this FlexSocial review.

FlexSocial Software Box

So What Is FlexSocial?

FlexSocial is a new product that has launched designed to make management of social media accounts much easier. It also focuses on time preservation when it comes to posting to these social media accounts so hours spent on social media marketing each day can be cut down to just minutes per week. 

FlexSocial is a Software as a Service product (SaaS) that connects to your social media accounts online. It works on any computer that has an internet connection and browser which includes Apple and Microsoft computers. It can even run on Linux boxes for hardcore geeks out there.

The product can help you manage and build your social media network in record time. It helps you schedule posts and also works on multiple social media platforms. So no matter what social media you’re focused on, chances are FlexSocial covers it. Here are some of the basic social media networks that is available in FlexSocial:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Plus
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Going to each one of those social media networks and posting can take a few hours easily. But with FlexSocial you can schedule and create a weeks worth of post in just minutes. The real power in the FlexSocial software is it’s ability to save loads of time.

It’s time to consider just how much your time is worth when posting to these social media networks and just what type of return you’re getting. I bet that you’re probably getting more and more frustrating when it comes to posting on these social media networks when you consider just how much time is spent on them. Time that you can be using in other areas of your business to make money.

Here’s some of the simple things that FlexSocial can help you with:
  • You don’t need to spend hours each day manually posting to social media accounts with FlexSocial. Instead, just set and forget it for days, weeks, or even a month at a time.
  • FlexSocial is Really Inexpensive when compared to social media marketing agencies prices. It’s even more inexpensive than those that offer run of the mill posts.
  • FlexSocial contains everything you need in one single place. You don’t need to spend money on images, editing software, etc… as it’s all handled inside FlexSocial interface.
  • Fully contained software means you won’t need to go to each social media account to post. FlexSocial can post for you without the need for you to visit the social network site.

FlexSocial is one of the best social media automation tools on the market today. With it’s powerful features and single interface, you can build, manage, and grow your social media channels quickly and target those users who are interested in what you have to offer in your business.

How Can FlexSocial Help My Business?

In today’s online world almost every single business can take advantage of what social media marketing has to offer. You can gain huge exposure quickly and start seeing the results of your efforts much, much faster than traditional SEO or online advertising. The biggest benefit of FlexSocial is the ability it has to save time when dealing with social media profiles. Since it can update several social media accounts at once and has everything you need to properly manage your social media accounts, it’s one of the best tools on the market today. So the question you really need to ask yourself as you read this FlexSocial review is just how much is my time worth that I’m spending posting to these social media accounts manually. If you can save just an hour a day from your social media campaigns that means you’ll save 365 hours per year! Even at the lowest minimum wage in the United States ($7.25/hr) that’s over $2,600 per year! And I’m sure you value your time more than minimum wage.

The fact is FlexSocial can help almost any type of business out there that has an online presence. From roofing companies to beauty salon websites, FlexSocial is the social media marketing solution that can save you loads of time and money on your social media campaign.

Some of the Features of FlexSocial

Although I’ve been talking about how much time and money FlexSocial can save you I wanted to go over some of the features that make this software so great. Most of the features I’ve listed below are super easy to learn and use. Even if you’re a complete newbie to the computer the FlexSocial interface is easy to use and get setup with minimal effort.

Find, Download, and Edit Copyright Free Images

Find Images with FlexSocialImages in your posts have a much bigger impact. In fact, images are more than 3 times as likely to get shared than a regular text status. But buying images can cost anywhere from $1 to $5 each and that can get pretty pricey. FlexSocial can find copyright free images that you can use legally in your social media campaigns. You can even edit the images to add things like text or your logo. And all of this is done directly from the FlexSocial interface. You don’t need to visit other websites to find these images.

Save Time with FlexSocial By Automating Tasks on Social Media Networks

Save Time with FlexSocialThe absolute biggest benefit of using FlexSocial is the ability to save time with this software. With it’s ability to schedule posts and interact directly from the FlexSocial Interface, you can save hours each and every day with this powerful software. Use a stopwatch to determine just how much you spend posting updates to your accounts and you’ll see just how amazing this software can be.


Edit Images Directly in FlexSocial

Edit Images Directly in FlexSocialI’ve already mentioned that you can find images that are free to use and copyright free but that’s not all. In fact, you can edit the images you search for and download directly from the FlexSocial interface. There are many different templates that you can simply drag and drop to create and amazing image post. Image posts are much more likely to gain interaction on your social media accounts. FlexSocial makes it easy to create and edit images easily.

Full Scheduling of Posts to Social Media Accounts

Full Scheduling of Posts to Social Media AccountsThe power to setup posts to your social media accounts and have them delivered at the perfect time is huge! You can setup all your posts for the entire month with FlexSocial and have the software deliver the posts to your social media accounts at the precise time you want. FlexSocial can also suggest when you should post your status to get the maximum exposure. Spend just a short amount of time to set up the full month’s posts and you can just sit back and relax.

Auto Comment on Posts

Auto Comment on PostsWhen a user comments on one of your post status you can set up FlexSocial to auto reply to their comment. This is a great feature because it adds so much interaction to the software plus it’s done on autopilot so once you set it up it runs by itself. Connect with users and thank them for visiting, sharing, or liking your post. The possibilities are endless with this feature.


Bulk Uploading of Status Updates

Bulk Uploading of Status UpdatesHave a list of status updates that you want to upload into the FlexSocial system you can with FlexSocial. You can easily upload status updates to your social media accounts in bulk and then schedule them however you see fit. You can also hire Fiverr workers to create a list of updates as well if you like. The FlexSocial platform makes adding status updates easy either in single form or in bulk as well.


Get Started with FlexSocial Here


Money Back Guarantee on FlexSocial

The authors of FlexSocial realize just how much of a risk trying new software can be. You may not be able to properly utilize the software or it may not help your business at all. FlexSocial was created to be super easy and also very powerful and sometimes it just doesn’t work out for everyone for whatever reason. But that’s the beauty of a money back guarantee from FlexSocial. Once you try the product and feel that it’s too complicated, not working well enough for you, or you just don’t like the font that is displayed in the software. Whatever the reason you can get your money back no questions asked.

If you’re like most business owners wanting to save time and money on social media marketing however, you’ll be ecstatic that it works so well! The money back guarantee just takes all the risk off the table for you and gives you a chance to try this awesome software.

For a Limited Time During Launch Take Advantage of a FlexSocial Discount Offer

During the initial launch period of FlexSocial you can take advantage of a FlexSocial discount offer. Simply click on the download button below and you’ll be forwarded to the discount offer provided FlexSocial is still in launch phase.

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