How to Promote Your Kindle Book Free or Inexpensively

Learning how to promote your Kindle book and getting exposure is one of the more difficult parts of self-publishing. In fact, it can take a huge amount of time effort and you may never see any results if you do it wrong. And if you’re on a shoestring budget for you Kindle book it can be even more difficult. This post lists some things that you can do to gain more exposure for your Kindle book that are very inexpensive or free. 


Although these methods are more geared towards Kindle books it can be adapted to fit books on other platforms as well. Some of these tips assume that you’re also listing your book with KDP Select as well. Although it’s not required to list with KDP Select on Amazon it can certainly give it a boost and also allows for perks such as free promotion days and countdown sales. Each of which can really help you gain exposure for your Kindle book. So in no particular order here is the tips for how to promote your Kindle book.

How to Promote Your Kindle Book on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best places to promote your Kindle book. It offers a few ways that you can gain exposure without much effort. The first is to create a page for your book or author name. From that point you can add updates about the book. You can also promote any related books that you may be offering such as with a series.

If you’re still writing your book make sure you put a link in the book that points to your Facebook page and ask people to like it. This way when you have a new book that comes out you can let them know. It’s close to having a mailing list.

Promoting Your Book with Facebook Groups

Although having your Facebook page up and running is good, the real power in how to promote your Kindle book on Facebook is with Facebook groups. Not by starting a group mind you, but by participating in groups that already have thousands of members.

Facebook’s groups can have loads of members that can gain massive exposure for your Kindle book. You can access the Facebook Groups Search Page Here. Here is a simple search for ‘free kindle book’:

How to Promote Your Kindle Book on Facebook

As you can see these are all public groups. For public groups you’re able to submit posts to them and it can reach it’s members. The totals above are over 30,000 users that you can reach! Although there is going to be some overlap of users the time it takes to post to these groups is well worth it.

Getting a Better Response

A better way to get a response from Facebook groups is by trying to drill down on your topic. Look for groups that are specific to your genre. Although the numbers may be less you can get a much more focused users. For instance, if you were writing ‘how-to’ books on home improvement you can search for that.

How to Promote Your Kindle Book on Amazon

For learning how to promote your Kindle book on Amazon you’ll need to sign up for KDP Select. Amazon offers the KDP Select program to anyone who self publishes on their platform. You aren’t signed up for KDP Select by default although Amazon makes it really easy to take advantage of the program. During submission of your ebook the final step is to sign up for KDP Select.

How to Promote Your Kindle Book on Amazon

The Drawbacks of KDP Select

There are some details about the KDP Select program that you may need to know before you sign up. The most important is that the program works in a 90 day span. So if you sign up for KDP Select you’ll remain in KDP Select for 90 days.

One of the rules of the program is that you can’t offer your book on any other platform. Not from Barnes & Noble, Nook, or even your own website. If you’re planning on strictly using Amazon then this won’t be an issue at all. But for those who already have a website with buy now buttons and such it could be a problem.

Promote Your Kindle Book During Free Days

The KDP Select program offers two ways to promote your Kindle book. A Free promotion that you can use. The program allows you 5 days each 90 day period to give your book away for free. During this time users can download your book and read it free of charge. They can also leave reviews for the book as well. The other promotion is the countdown deal. It allows you to countdown deal. The countdown deal is great way to inject scarcity in your book promotions. You’ll need to choose one or the other to use with your book.

Use Only One Day

The biggest mistake I see people making with KDP Select is they schedule 5 days right off the bat to give their book away. Changing that up and only giving your book away for one day at a time is much,much better. You can have 5 separate promotions for the Kindle book.

So How to Promote Your Kindle Book with Free Sites?

There are loads of sites that offer free book promotions. These sites typically work by sending out daily emails to their subscribers letting them know of the free books that are available today. Recently I found a huge list and took hours submitting my Kindle book while it was on promotion. Unfortunately the return I got during my testing was dismal. I found out that many of the sites were simply dead and did not even send out my promotion. Others were small and had little impact on exposure. In fact, only a handful of the sites I tested were able to bring in good results. One of the better submission lists I’ve found was at Author Marketing Club.

Submitting your free book to author sites and freebie seekers can help you do two things. The first is your Kindle sales rank will go down meaning that it’s more popular. This can help your book in search results.

The second thing it can do is to build reviews for your Kindle book. Reviews are the lifeblood of your book. Watch them like a hawk if you really want to do well with Kindle. Another video I would advise you to watch is by KMoneyMastery. This program can really help you get the most from Kindle.

Watch the video and find out more about KMoneyMastery here

If you have any more promotional ideas for Kindle books I’d love to hear about them. Simply add your comment below to join the discussion.

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