How to Put a Blog on Your Website and Why You Should

How to Put a Blog on Your Website and Why You Should

Read almost any SEO article and you’ll quickly see that your website needs a blog. The problem most people that run small businesses have however is that they simply don’t understand how to put a blog on your website. They may not even understand the reasons behind it. In this article I’ll go over how to put a blog on your website and why you should.

How to Put a Blog on Your Website and Why You Should

There are many different blog platforms that you can use for your website. The most popular platform is WordPress which this website runs. WordPress is free to use and open source. The best part about WordPress is that it can be hosted on your site or it can be a separate entity hosted on the WordPress server. I’ll go over just what the differences are in the two installations below:

Hosted WordPress Blog

When you have a hosted WordPress blog on your website it is hosted on your domain with the platform installed on your domain. For instance, you may have a site at

and the blog located at

The entire WordPress installation is contained on the server where your website is located. Having a hosted WordPress blog is more complicated because it requires you to install WordPress yourself.

Non-Hosted WordPress Blog

This is the easiest of the two installations that is easiest to set up. You simply sign up for a blog at and add your details. There are customizations that you can do to the blog that will not have any affect on your website. If you’re learning how to put a blog on your website and want the easiest possible way, this is it. All you’ll need to do once you’ve created a blog on is link to the blog from your website.

How To Put a Blog on Your Website With Hosting on Your Server

There are many different server configurations that make installing WordPress easy. The image below is the screenshot of a Cpanel hosting account that allows for WordPress installation.

Wordpress installation hosted

As you can see there are other blogs you choose by going to the blog category below the arrow. But WordPress is the most common and what we’ll be installing. Your hosting account may be set up completely different but should have a similar link available. If you have purchased WordPress hosting for your website it may already be installed on your server. In order to install the WordPress blog simply click on the Install Now button

Install WordPress on Your Site

The next screen is where you can add details about the blog. This is the important part of how to put a blog on your website because it allows you to install the blog at certain location. Two common places that people post their blogs is on a sub-domain such as or in a folder which is considered a better choice. You can specify which folder you want the blog posted to in the installation screen.

Where to install WordPress

You can name the folder whatever you wish such as blog or news. The blog will be separated from the site completely other than being accessible through the folder link. You’ll still need to link your main site to the blog and customize the blog to match the design of the main site.

Start Blogging!

Now that you’ve gotten the blog set up and running it’s time to start blogging. Posting updates and details about your business often can help you stay connected to customers. It can also help to drive traffic to your website. Users will read your blog and you can offer services or products associated with those blog posts. For instance, if you were a landscaper, write blogs helping people to grow a garden or plant a tree. You can then offer tree trimming services to them. A bit simplified but I hope you get the point.




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